A day of lessons. A lifetime of change

Everyone makes mistakes 

We can help you prevent them



We’re pilots, but we’re human.

Preventing human errors doesn’t happen overnight. But a single idea can stop a major problem. 

As a pilot, Planespoken's founder Marcus Eyers knows the importance of preventing, and acknowledging, mistakes. When he witnessed the Royal Air Force go through a radical cultural transformation and recognised that the principles of risk mitigation apply to anyone, regardless of industry. 

Planespoken's customised training programs empower teams, increase bottom lines, save lives and, of course, prevent mistakes.

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the lesson.

Pilots know the cost of a mistake more than anyone. That’s why we’re bringing the principles of our diligent training to your organization. Through immersive sessions taught by real pilots, your team will learn how to create an environment that prevents errors and enables leadership.