A day of lessons. A lifetime of change


A day of lessons. 
A lifetime of change. 

If you’re worried about your team making mistakes, or if you’re keen to learn and improve from mistakes your team have already made, we’re the right partner for you. Our pilots will teach your team how to anticipate and ward off errors, just like a pilot. 

Mix and match from the courses below to create your own one- or two-day training program. If you’re needs are more specific contact us today and we can design a training program appropriate to your requirements.

Whether you’re a nimble group or a large organisation, our principles work for businesses of all sizes. Call or email us today and we will arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help your organisation.



1 hour

We’re crystal clear from the get-go. In this mandatory kickoff, participants will know exactly what they’ll get out of participating in this workshop.

  • Transparency lays out expectations

  • We’ll set the tone so participants know this is a freely spoken and collaborative environment

  • People will be encouraged to think of questions throughout time to maximize workshop value




1 hour

One small mistake can add up. This module helps people understand a) what an error is and b) why it matters. By the end of this module, people will know how to prevent, trap, and mitigate mistakes. 

  • People will understand the importance of catching (and preventing) mistakes whenever possible

  • Participants will understand that every human makes mistakes

  • Creative thinking and group discussions will be encouraged





4 hours + optional 1 hour case study

We’re always expected to be “on,” but taking care of yourself is a major factor in mitigating human error. Here, participants will get a pilot’s look at what it takes to manage stress, sleep, and fitness, while still managing a heavy workload.

  • Get tips and tricks from pilots for keeping healthy

  • Learn how to control your environment and workload for optimal health

  • Understand how to recognise signs of fatigue—and prevent it





4.5 hours

We’re all told to be good leaders, but what does that even mean? We’ll cover topics including team behaviours, communication, and decision making to help every person understand their individual strengths.

  • Breakdown of different styles of leadership

  • Understanding of the process we all experience when making a decision

  • Effective communication techniques to bring the best out of your team





5 hours + 1 hour case study

Attitude is everything. This in-depth module addresses company culture and every person’s contributing role. Participants will learn how to work as a team in high-stakes situations to improve results and, ultimately, the bottom line.

  • Recognise the negative short- and long-term effects of conflict

  • Effective communication techniques to bring the best out of your team

  • Learn how to embrace and facilitate a collaborative environment





6 hours

We have no doubt that your team is brilliant, but the human mind has its limits. In this module, we uncover myths of multitasking (spoiler alert: it’s near-impossible) and provide alternative processes to improve what’s already in place. 

  • Reviewing the limits of the human brain—and how to outsmart your own

  • Your team will have a keen eye for automation opportunities

  • People will realise the importance of situational awareness





3 hours + 1 hour case study

If you work in the aviation biz, you’re in luck: We have an in-depth module specifically for your group. Together we’ll review our approach to runway incursion, CFIT, icing, and level bust. 

  • Strategies to reduce risks when flying

  • Understanding of when, and how, these types of errors can happen

  • Specific examples from our industry of these errors taking place